Thursday, May 04, 2006


I finally got some more babies from Abundant Fastnacht - aka Dumpling. Two babies, to be exact. The hind feet on one are awfully red, I hope they are just bruised and not hurt badly. I'll have to take a closer look today after work. Dumpling kept wanting to build her nest next to the nestbox, but I kept putting it in the box, which is where she finally decided to have them. They were both nice and warm and well tended to at this morning's feeding.

Dumpling's dam is a Grand Champion and a winner at Convention and Nationals - and more than once, I might add. The sire of the litter is Storybook Dreams Snowman, my 100% import German buck. I have been looking forward to this breeding for some time now, since Dumpling is my best wool producer and Snowman is a close second.

On a sad note, I lost Billy Goat's Gruff this morning. He had somehow gotten out of his cage the other night, and although I easily caught him the next morning, it was obvious that spending the night in the cold, wet grass had taken a toll on him. He developed pneumonia and died after struggling to hang on for 3 days, despite antibiotic treatment. Persnickety is the only offspring of his that I still have, so she is even more precious to me now. I bred her to Cody, whose dam is Gruff's sister, Brat.

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