Monday, April 17, 2006

Spring cleaning!

Ouch! I am bruised, scratched, and sore! But my cages are clean! I bought a power washer, moved bunns around, moved cages around, burned some old wooden cages, moved in another new set of cages, and got everything sparkling clean! The nursery, cages, toys, etc are all clean and disinfected. The yard and garden are cleaned up and ready for planting. Now all I have to do is sell a few more woolers and we'll be all ready for new litters.

Both of Carmie's babies are does. Drat! But I think Persnickety is due to deliver soon, so I might get a Tan buck from her. I sure hope so! Carmie's next breeding will be to either a Thrianta or a Tan buck, I really need to get more belly color in the lines, and it looks like another shorthair crossing will be necessary to get the job done.

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