Sunday, April 23, 2006


Few things are more satisfying than selling a nice bunny to someone and having it win for them. I might have found one thing that is even better - having someone you consider a mentor buy a rabbit from you. At the West Friendship, MD show today, Judy Osborn bought a young doe from me, one I considered a wooler. She asked me why I considered it a wooler, and I showed her the bunn's faults, she agreed, and then bought her from me. WOW!
That is just totally cool!

I didn't pay much attention to show results, I had about an hour's sleep last night and mainly went because a youth wanted to buy a young buck from me. She didn't wind up picking the one I thought she would, so 5JG10 is still available. I do need to clean him up tho', you know how young bucks are. At this rate, I'm going to be famous for my ruby-eyed yellows! You'd think the stuff was Tag Body Spray for heaven's sake, the way these bucks just love to find ways to cover themselves in it!

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