Tuesday, April 04, 2006

PAWS update

The following is from an email from Bob Kane, President, Virginia Hunting Dog Owners' Association, Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance:

A SAOVA message for sportsmen, pet owners and farmers concerned about protecting their traditions, avocations and livelihoods from anti-hunting, anti-breeding, animal guardianship advocates. Forwarding and cross posting, with attribution, encouraged.
Dear SAOVA Friends,

The German Shepherd Dog Clubs of North Georgia and West Georgia were added to the NO PAWS Honor Roll http://saova.org/1139opponents.html yesterday. This raises the list total to 384. Organizations verified as opposing PAWS and posted last month include
Asheville Kennel Club (NC) Arapahoe County Republican Party (CO)PAWS is still a threat. It added two House cosponsors in March.Rep Towns, Edolphus [D-NY10] - 3/7/2006 Rep Rush, Bobby L. [D-IL1] - 3/28/2006 Three AKC parent breed clubs continue to play a very dangerous political game, trying to walk both sides of the street on PAWS. In August-November 2005, their boards voted to oppose PAWS. Public announcements and club website postings to that effect followed, but the clubs never implemented their S1139-HR2669 opposition positions with communications to legislators. Those membership-defying club officers control the Maltese Club of America, Staffordshire Terrier Club of America and Vizsla Club of America. What goes around comes around. Amstaff owners in particular should be concerned, as that breed requires the sympathy and support of many other dog owners in its BSL fights. Hunting breed Vizsla owners are also subject to special threats, as the PAWS non-committing sighthound clubs are now discovering in the California legislature. The New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs principals, after considerable delay and discussion, voted to oppose PAWS last October, but never communicated that opposition to their senator and eleven (11) House members that are cosponsoring PAWS. http://www.nopaws.org/sponsors.htm The Florida AKC federation has been similarly straddling the fence.

We need to be united in our opposition to animal rightist legislation like PAWS. Those that choose to play political games and let others fight their battles should suffer reduced event entries, if not general dog owner shunning. Moreover, volunteer firemen have been known to be slow responding to the burning houses of those who repeating refuse to support them. When there aren't sufficient resources to answer every call, you help your friends first.

PAWS II, Rick Santorum and HSUS
Seven months after Senator Santorum promised to amend PAWS, he did - sort of. PAWS II, AKA "Trial Balloon X," is available on his personal website http://santorum.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Files.View&FileStore_id=789. The document has no legal or official legislative status. It hasn't appeared in the Congressional Record, and won't unless Senator Santorum introduces it as a new bill, or an amending substitute to S1139. Should the bill receive a fair review in a Senate committee hearing, it will come under heavy attack for its new, alternative "dealer" inspections. The provision is clearly anti-competitive and has been structured to give the AKC a market advantage over other canine registries. The anti's far more likely procedural plan is to attempt to a stealth attachment of PAWS-type language to another more important bill via an unpublicized floor amendment. This was the route used by Senator Santorum and HSUS in their failed effort to require hobby breeders be federally licensed in 2001.

Senator Santorum's Pennsylvania reelection campaign polling continues to trail moderate Democrat Bob Casey, although the gap between them is closing. Sportsmen and animal rightists could well determine this November 2006 contest result. Anti-hunter, anti-breeder HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle has already donated $6000 towards Santorum's reelection and promised the support of his organization's 300,000 PA members on November 8, 2005. The animal rightist Dark Prince's anti-hunting efforts are well documented and widely circulated within the sportsmen community. This is his latest public pronouncement,

"The entire animal rights movement in the United States reacted with unfettered glee at the [Fox Hunting] Ban in England ...We view this act of parliament as one of the most important actions in the history of the animal rights movement. This will energise our efforts to stop hunting with hounds." Wayne Pacelle, CEO, Humane Society of the US (HSUS), London Times, December 26, 2004

The Keystone State has approximately one million licensed hunters. Time will tell how this much-watched 2006 political campaign plays out, but S1139 PAWS and HSUS will be huge factors, in SAOVA's view.
American Kennel Club (AKC)
Last month, AKC delegates reelected the director who has been the most outspoken supporter of PAWS. Ken Marden, the GSP Club director who had voted against PAWS, lost his reelection bid, leaving no performance dog owner on the AKC Board. Rick Santorum toured AKC's offices the day of the vote, perhaps campaigning. http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=2830 Many of you received SAOVA's January 20th analysis of AKC's inept management and plunging canine registration market share. A February AKC broadcast solicitation to *all* breeders, waiving late fees on any and all dog and litter registrations followed. http://www.thedogpress.com/ClubNews/0603_AKC_PupMillLett.asp I wish the delegates and Board paid as much attention to SAOVA as AKC's middle managers seem to do. Ron Menaker, please resign.

Virginia's HB339 Dog Owner Database Bill
Governor Tim Kaine has seven more days to decide whether to veto HB339, the nation's first statewide dog owner required database. HB339 will inadvertently cause an increase in canine rabies and represents a major invasion of personal privacy that has been engineered by state and national animal rightists. Please see the new background-contact page and request this bill be vetoed. Out-of-state calls and emails will help beat this bill. http://vhdoa.uplandbirddog.com/VETO_HB339.html

Bob Kane, PresidentVirginia Hunting Dog Owners' AssociationSportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance -Working to identify and elect supportive legislators** NO PAWS ** http://saova.org/1139.html

The message above was posted to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware residents by the Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) on one of ten regional read only elists. SAOVA is a nonpartisan volunteer group working to protect Americans from the legislative and political threats of radical animal rightists. It is the only national organization fighting this struggle for both sportsmen and animal owners, natural allies, in these arenas. Visit our website at http://saova.org for this program's goals, methodology and list signup details.

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