Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Cages

So here is the first of 2 sets of cages I ordered from a friend in Ohio. It is a shelter in which 2 all wire cages are suspended. The roof is removable, it has a black vinyl cover hung around the sides and back of the cages, and a clear vinyl cover in front. I flip the front cover up to feed and water. Both covers are removable. The shelter holds (2) cages, each 48" wide X 24 " deep X 18" high. I added a 12" wide X 18" deep X 9" high bottomless hiding box for the bunnies, and hung hay feeders on the outside of each cage, but under the tarps.

I am so happy to have these new cages! I have learned the hard way that white bunnies and wooden/wire hutches do not mix. I can take these cages out and power wash or torch them clean. No more dirty feet! :D

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