Friday, March 24, 2006

Mystery baby

I thought one of Carmie's babies was a REW. Now I think it is a Lilac Sable Point. The baby was born white, and now is developing color on its points almost like a Lilac Pointed White, but it also has some color, although faint, on its flanks. Its eyes are dark. I knew Carmie might carry the chd (chin dark) gene, and I think this eliminated the red from the baby's coat, and the non-extension gene further cleaned it up. Neither Carmie nor Vinnie carry the himi gene. This is what I think her genetic makeup is:

a? bb cchd dd ee w?

The thing is, sable points are usually chl (chin light), not chd (chin dark).

Here are some pics:


Katie said...

Could it be a Frosty (Frosted Pearl)? They are chd.

Cute babies!

Jan said...

Hi Katie,

I'll have to look that up - all the pearl colors I have seen in Glenna Huffmon's book seem to involve chd. Thanks!

Angora Girl said...

Don't know about the white baby.... but I really like the choc otter :)

Jan said...

I meant to say chl - duh!

Thanks Tracy, I hope it is a boy - I need a Tan buck.

Gerald said...

Jan my vote is that it is a lilac pearl.

Jan said...

That may be, Gerald! What ever it is, it's gorgeous! It has the most beautiful eye color, blue-gray with the ruby cast that comes with the chocolate gene - violet eyes!