Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Politics of Rabbits

Unfortunately, in any endeavor where people form an organization to promote something, inevitably factions form and power struggles ensue. This has been true in every organization I have ever been a member of, and is currently happening to yet another one near and dear to my heart. This organization has had issues previously, and just when we thought we had them all ironed out, one person has tried to resurrect one of them. Amazingly, this person is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for part of the issue she is trying to resurrect. Fortunately, I kept all her emails, and will be happy to publish them for all the world to see if she doesn't SHUT UP.

'Nuff said.

I truly do not comprehend the logic behind some people's works.


Angora Girl said...

Hey Jan.... totally agreed. Some people are so difficult to deal with. They only exist to criticize and not work toward solutions.

Jan said...

What amazes me is how many people missed the jump she made from "just asking a question" to a litany of complaints about past, settled issues.

And how did you like her explanation of why the list was late? ROFLMAO!

Angora Girl said...

She is full of excuses. Part of the reason the election was late was that I couldn't get a membership list from her. I repeatedly asked for it and was ignored.

Did you realize that I was censored by NARBC List Moderators (aka Kim and Sally) because I responded to that litany of complaints about past settled issues? Their reason for the censor was because I offended Sharon and others. Talk about taking sides. Then when I questioned them about it -- the matter is closed... suck ups.

Jan said...

Yes, I read the email, and found nothing offensive in your responses.

Talk about an "inner circle". (rolling eyes)

It is my sincere belief that the Mods do not realise that they're being used.

Don't get me wrong, when it comes to subjects not dealing with control of the club, Sharon is a dear, sweet woman who is welcome at my home anytime. But when it comes to control of the club, in my opinion, based upon my owm experiences and others as they have been told to me, she truly loses perspective and it becomes all about what she and her hubby want and not what the membership wants or what the other officers think is best. I've had issues shot down, too, that I thought would benefit the club, but rather than get paranoid and start talking about the evil "inner circle", I accepted it and went about my job.

Jan said...

Here is another perspective on all this, from a long-time former member of the club: