Wednesday, February 22, 2006

People in glass houses...

... shouldn't throw stones. I know of a certain former officer of a certain club who delayed the publication of a very important newsletter for a MONTH because this officer (whom I am told ran for office touting apparently non-existant computer skills) refused to admit that they didn't know how to switch a report from printing to a .pdf file to an Excel file. For a month this person made every excuse, ignored offers of help, and b*tched and moaned about why we couldn't do it the old way...

Now this officer has the gall to keep pointing out other's shortcomings. Prior to having to work with said officer, I thought them very upstanding and nice. They're still welcome at my home anytime for coffee. Just stay away from running the club, please!

I honestly have to wonder if they do not realise just how many people they tick off when they post their little remarks.

On a nicer note, I finally got Dumpling shorn and bred tonight. Persnickety is due this weekend, assuming she "took". This is her first litter, and I stink at palpation, so I *think* she took, but I won't know for sure until she either has babies or not. Carmella should be due in 2 weeks, then Dumpling in 2 more weeks. Meanwhile, one of the babies is going to his new home this weekend, and we are getting new cages. Spring is in the air!

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