Monday, February 06, 2006

PaSRBA show

Well, I spent the weekend in lovely Lebanon, PA showing rabbits. I had some very stiff competition and did not win any breed awards, although Dumpling took Best Giant Angora wool on Saturday, and I think she did on Sunday as well, but I was busy at the time trying to help a fellow breeder out by breeding Snowman to her doe. She wasn't in the mood, however, and I don't believe he was successful, although he certainly gave it his best!

Cody stripped himself of his coat, but I took him anyway for numbers. I only entered him Saturday, on Sunday I sheared off his remaining coat to start anew for Nationals in May. Hopefully he'll leave it on. The judge thought he had a very nice body. In fact, both judges remarked that this was about the nicest exhibition of Giant Angoras they'd seen in a long time.

I doubt I will show Snowman again. He is not temperamentally suited for showing. I think part of the problem was an issue he had with his teeth when he was very young. When I brought him home I put him in a large transport cage away from the other rabbits for a couple of weeks, to avoid any chance of bringing a new bug into the rabbitry. Rare, but it does happen. Apparently this did not go over well with him and he pulled his teeth out of whack trying to get out of the cage. I had to keep his teeth trimmed weekly for a month or so but they came back into line perfectly and I have not had to trim them again. But he does not like to be handled now. Holding and petting are fine, he hangs out of his cage at feeding time begging for head scritches, but any kind of grooming - apart from being shorn, he does like that - is a battle of wills. Then when he gets on the show table all he wants to do is breed anything and everything in sight! Yep, gotta keep him in that coop, because if he gets out there's liable to be some unexpected litters, LOL! So I will acquiesce to his wishes, and he will be a home bunny from now on - unless I take him to Nationals in May.

Persnickety and Carmella were a hit with the other breeders. I believe Persickety is preggers, and I bred Carmie to Vinnie when we got back from the show. So we are expecting some tan pattern babies soon! Dumpling has been pulling wool, I know she is not expecting, so this tells me she is ready to breed. So on Wednesday evening she will be shorn and bred to Gruff again. I like to breed on Wednesdays so the litters come over the weekend when I'll be home.

Unfortunately, I don't have show results to report, I wish I did, but I can tell you that the judges were not just impressed with the Giants that were shown, they said this was one of the best Angora presentations they'd had the pleasure to judge, as good or better than any ARBA convention they'd judged.

Vinnie will be moving on soon to Tennessee, to Shaggy Wonders Rabbitry
Vinnie gets around! He was born in Wisconsin, moved to Ohio, then to PA, and now to TN. His daughters Carmella and Yuengling (a black Tan shorthair) will be staying on here at Jan's Giants.

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