Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm in the running!

Here is my announcement to run as a write-in for District 9 NARBC Director:

"I just finished adding 3 more years to my NARBC membership via Pay*Pal.

I am running as a write-in candidate for the NARBC District 9 Director
position. As many of you know, I am editor of the newsletter, so you
know I'll get my report in on time. ;)

I ask you to vote for me because we need people on the board whose
only agenda is the smooth running of the Club. I pledge not to create
controversy for the sake of controversy, but I won't back away from it
if I think others are unjustified in their allegations. I pledge to
adhere to the Constitution and By-Laws of the NARBC as I understand
them, and to accept the *constructive* criticism of others who might
interpret them differently. When there is conflict within the Club, I
pledge to *do*something* about*it*, not just complain. I will work in
the present, not dwell in the past, but learn from it, and try to
prevent incidents in the future.

That's my campaign right there in a nutshell. I welcome discussion of

I posted the same to the NARBC Yahoo group, the first sentence was edited out without explanation. Do you see anything wrong with it? It is, after all, a matter of contention with the previous election. Other people's references to extending their memberships were not edited out.

Makes ya wonder!

I'll have pics tomorrow of our new cages. I sent my best young buck on his way to his new youth owner, I'm sure they'll be happy together.


Angora Girl said...

Why indeed???? Seriously what's the point of editing that out... unless it is just a pathetic last-ditch power grab...

They are after all.....benign dictators :) lol.....

Jan said...

I dunno. I had another post that didn't make it to the forum, and Margaret wants to shut down the discussion. I can't blame her, although I really would like to discuss further what wording we should add to the C&BLs to prevent this from happening in the future. I guess we'll have to do it in NARBCfriends.