Sunday, January 29, 2006

Yet another baby update

I finally got Mopsie and the 10 babies out in their new home. I rolled back the dividing wire between two 4'x30" cages, now they have oodles and oodles of room to roam. It is nearly 60 degrees out today, tonight's low will be in the 40's, so it is a good day to move them out and let them aclimate to the weather. Before I put them out, I posed them all (well, I tried to pose them, anyway) for a group photo which now graces the Jan's Giants homepage and is also featured at the bottom of the Litters page. Let me tell you, posing 11 rabbits is no small feat! especially when 10 of them are squirrely little munchkins! ;)

Dumpling's breeding to Gruff did not take, so she will be at the PaSRBA show this weekend. I may just breed her to Cody in the meantime, I need to get her producing again, she's had enough time off (nearly a year) from motherhood. Meantime, I've never shown her, so it will be interesting to hear the judges' comments.


Terri said...

Hey Janet!
Good luck at the show this weekend! That photo is awesome of all those bunnies and momma. It is the greatest thing that all 10 made it! Whoo Hoo!!! You go girl!!!

Jan said...

Thank you, Terri, I wish you could make it!