Thursday, December 01, 2005

Winkie's babies...

... are all shorthairs. I knew there was a chance she didn't carry angora. At least the babies do, since their sire is an angora. I'm not absolutely sure of the sexes yet, but I will keep a buck and a doe from this litter, at least for awhile. The blue otter definitely, and one of the black otters. So much for weeding out all the shorthairs from the program!

I don't plan on breeding Carmella and Persnickety until after the PaSRBA Convention in February. So I look for Otter Angora litters in March. I hate to wait that long, but right now my purebred Germans and Giants are taking precedence. I *think* Dumpling's breeding to Gruff has taken, I'll know for sure in about 10 days. Also, I bred Mopsie to Snowman, my new buck from import bloodlines. I especially want that breeding, both rabbits have such dense wool, I believe either of them might meet IAGARB registration requirements.

If by chance the breedings didn't take, both does will go to the PA Convention in February. Dumpling has never been shown, I'd like to see how she does. Snowman might go, too, just for fun.


Terri said...

You go girl!!!
I haven't had an answer about room sharing but I haven't read the groups yet. Did you want to share a room for the PA show in Feb?

Jan said...

I think that's a plan, terri! What nights are you going to stay?