Sunday, December 04, 2005

Since I haven't posted any pics lately, I thought you'd all enjoy a picture of JG's Carmella. I'll be breeding her in February for a March litter. I haven't decided to whom yet. I have a little blue buck I was thinking of, but he mats easily and requires a lot more grooming than I'd like. But he should carry rufus, he's from the Otter program. He also has a lot of furnishings, he's really cute, and friendly. And he has a great butt! ;)



Katie said...

Carmella is beautiful! I like Chocolate Otters.

Would it be fine to breed a Self Lilac Chin (aabbchdcddE-) to an otter?

My Lilac doe just turned out to be a Self Chin. She'll stay though; she's too nice.


Jan said...

I don't see why not - you may get some Martens out of that combo.