Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I have baby bunnies... :D

There are a few things in life better than a new litter of little wigglers, but I can't think of too many. Yesterday afternoon Roberts' Mopsie, my German doe from old lines, gave birth to NINE babies! *** Correction, she had TEN babies, all well as of Thursday morning*** All are alive and well so far this morning. With a litter this size, I always expect to lose 1 or 2 right off the bat, but not so far...

The proud poppa is Storybook Dreams Snowman, my buck from 100% recent import lines. This guy must be fertile! I actually wanted a small litter, the doe is just 8 months old and Snowman is young (I find younger bucks usually produce smaller litters) so I just put them together for one breeding and removed the doe promptly. Usually, I leave them together for awhile, particularly if, as in this case, they are housed next to each other and are friends.

If all goes well with this litter, large healthy litters are something I want to strive for, so I expect we'll be keeping a doe.

Meanwhile Snowman has a date with a favorite doe I sold to my friend Cheryl, JG's Little Brat

Cheryl and I will have to get together soon on that. :D


Terri said...

Hey janet!
Lucky you! I can't even get the does to look at the bucks in this weather. Too cold they say. I'm going to try in March after all the shows and have some buns for the fall show season. Talk to you in Feb in person. Looks like I get to go if the weather holds!!

Jan said...

Cool! I'll see you then!