Wednesday, December 28, 2005

All 10 still going strong!

I'll post another pic when they open their eyes.

Meanwhile, I've been reading up, with some help from Google Language Tools and some friends, on rabbit coat color genetics thought in Europe. I have uncovered an interesting theory that red can be developed from selfs as well as agoutis and tans. The key is the wideband gene. Apparently, wideband is said to clean up the smut the non-extrension gene leaves in torts as well as in tans. I would LOVE to put that theory to the test, but I do not have room in my rabbitry. I do have a tort French buck whom I know to have one recessive wideband gene. The test would be to breed him to another tort with a recessive wideband gene, and see if any *apparently* self-reds come out of the breeding. Anyone up to the challenge? We could work something out.


Katie said...

Your babies are cute!

I've got to study about the wideband gene; I don't know much about it.

I've got a Chocolate Tort doe, but I have no idea if she has wideband. She doesn't have rufus.

Jan said...

Hi Katie,

It is pretty much impossible to tell if a self or tort has wideband without test breeding. The only reason I know Vinnie has it is because of his participation im my tan pattern breeding program. I bred him to an otter doe I know to have one recessive wideband gene, and 2 of her tan patterned babies had no undercolor on their bellies. That is the easiest-to-spot effect of double wideband. I suspected he might carry wideband, as he has red ancestry in his pedigree. Since then, he has proven it again with the shorthaired litter Winkie had.

I'm considering breeding him just once to Carmella, his choc. tan daughter from the first breeding. She is double wideband and carries non-extension.

Katie said...

I read the wideband dicussion on rabbitgenetics today. It helped some.

While I don't think you'll be able to tell wideband from photos, here are a couple baby pictures of my Chocolate Tort: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. She was a mighty cute Fawn baby!

Jan said...

LOL, nope, I have no idea if she carries wideband... does she have any red ancestry in her pedigree? She is a nice orange color so she has some rufus.