Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Convention synopsis

Hi All!

Well, the largest ARBA Convention ever was exhausting, but informative and rewarding. For those of you know don't follow such stuff, the Best in Show over 25,000 other entries was none other than a tort English Angora doe! Owned by Linda Cassella of New York, I believe that this was the first time the doe was shown!

In the Skein and Garment contest, the British ruled, winning most of the classes. I was fortunate to meet up with Judy LeMarchant from England. Judy is a judge of rare breeds, and a genetics expert. She and I had a wonderful discussion regarding the genetics of the various incarnations of the color red. The Europeans have some interesting insights into how to breed for rufus. I'll get into that very soon, in the next post, in fact. Judy and others also seem to share my opinion of the whole Germn vs Giant controversy. More on that later, too. We also got into a spirited discussion of European vs American posing and body types. I walked out of that dinner with a whole lotta posting material, LOL! Judy promised to keep me updated on some research being done on Thriantas, the gorgeous little red breed recently accepted by ARBA.

I went with 6 rabbits and sold 4. My only disappointment was that I was the only person there who entered Junior Giant Angoras. So I won both my classes, but that doesn't say much. :( The judged liked both of the juniors I brought home very much, but he basically just confirmed what I already thought of them. The junior doe was one I bought just to show at Convention. You see, I messed up my entries and entered a rabbit I don't have, LOL! Now ARBA rules state that you can change ear numbers, but not classes. So since I entered a junior doe I don't have, I either had to find another or scratch. I was lucky to find two gorgeous german does at Jeannette Roberts' place, one I gave to a friend and the other I entered at Convention. She is one beautiful bunn, and she will stay on here. In the Spring, she'll be bred to Gruff.

One thing I will mention. I have debated with myself whether I would say anything. It has come to my attention from 2 sources that a certain person is making disparaging remarks to people about me and my rabbits. Specifically, this person criticises my knowledge of genetics and my breeding practices. Since this person has absolutely no knowledge of my records, I find this highly insulting. People who have bought rabbits from me can attest that I do provide full pedigrees with my rabbits and I hide nothing - even with crossbreds. Any time I hear a disparaging remark about another breeder, I always make a point of finding out where the person making the remark got their information. I advise you all to do the same. And that is all I'm going to say about it.

Have a great day!

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