Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rhinebeck & Convention

Well, I went, I delivered, I slept, and I left. Next time, as I told Claudia, I need to schedule some "ME" time at Rhinebeck. I delivered JG's Merry Marten to Claudia, some other bunns to my friend Barbara, bought a bar of soap from my friend Terry, and drooled over some gorgeous Icelandic sheep. I met Kim Parkinson, a lovely, funny, energetic lady I've been wanting to know a bit better for some time now, and took delivery of 3 bunns that I delivered to Ohio yesterday. I also had dinner with my friend Ellen and attended a meeting of the Icelandic sheep breeders. Ellen was my roomie for the night. I had bunns to get back home to be delivered to their new owners, so I left the next morning after breakfast.

However, I missed out on meeting some of my favorite bloggers. I would have loved to have met Helen from Bay Colony, and it would have been great to run into Kim. There were also bloggers there I've already met, all of whom I never caught up with.

I'm leaving Saturday for the ARBA Convention with four rabbits. I'm showing three, and coming home with two. The other two are up for sale, and hopefully will be going home with new owners.

These two bucks are nice! Their mom is a doe I bred, JG's Little Brat. Brat did well on the show table, took a BOB as a 6-8, but did not make senior weight. She weighs 9 lbs. Her mother's parents were purebred Germans who were registered as Giants, the doe weighing almost 13 lbs!. Her sire was Wiley's Zeigenbock, a 100% new import German who was just fabulous, and weighed in at 11.5 pounds. Their sire is AR's White Cocoa, a Giant buck whose gorgeous sister took BIS at PAngora's very first angora Specialty show last February in Lebanon, PA. Right now their coats are not in the best shape. They are nice and clean and mat free, but they need shorn. I have every expectation that, once shorn and with a new coat, they will do well on the show table. They have nice, stout commercial bodies. In my opinion, one is a bit flat in the shoulders, and the other a bit pinched in the HQ, but otherwise I cannot fault them.

I hope to see some of you there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

More babies!

Winkie gave birth to nine this morning, one did not make it, but the others are fat & happy so far. Three whites and 5 otters, blue and black. It appears Winkie may be homozygous for the Tan pattern gene. I know she is homozygous for wideband, hopefully she also carries angora and some of these babies will be fuzzy... cross your fingers for me!

A couple of the babies have very reddish skin where their tan will be - I have come to link that to good color. I sure hope so! We'll see.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Big, huge brag!

Pictures to come...

One of my Junior Giant bucks took Best Opposite Sex of Breed recently in an Angora Specialty show at Lebanon, PA! This is the first "leg" one of my rabbits has ever won, mainly because I can never find enough competition. He is the result of a breeding of my doe, Brat, to the brother of a doe who beat her out for Best of Breed awhile back.

I entered Carmella, my little chocolate Otter doe, in the "Working Woolers" class we had. I'm not sure where she placed exactly, but she was the youngest rabbit in the class and so I didn't expect much. The judge loved her color and her density and wants to see her again when she has grown up and her adult coat has grown in. :D Persnickety, my black Otter doe, had to be shorn as she was showing signs of woolblock. She seems fine now, but this is something that seems to happen when you introduce shorthairs into an angora breeding program. Her sister Merry never seemed to miss a beat, I'm actually a little wistful at parting with her, Claudia!

I also have added another German doe to the herd, actually two, but as yet am unsure of which I am keeping. I don't even have their pedigrees yet, I bought them based soley upon their physical attributes and the reputation of their breeder. I've decided to call them Flopsie and Mopsie. Mopsie got sprayed quite thoroughly by a buck and, well, looks a bit like a mop right now, but I think she's going to be a swan and is probably the one I'll keep. Nice long, smooth body with loads of density! Her sister might be a bit less dense but is shorter-coupled and would do well in a Giant breeding program. I have someone in mind for her already, someone who has been quite nice to me and deserves a nice gift.