Friday, September 30, 2005

Close call

I was driving toward home tonight, planning on stopping off at a local watering hole to meet my boss and some coworkers for a cold one and a local delicacy, deep-fried hotdogs. A guy in front of me stopped to make a left-hand turn. So did I. Unfortunately, the guy behind me did not.

A full-size Ford van, one of the big business-type panel trucks, slammed into the rear of my new Explorer.

I was shook up but unhurt, and the Explorer was remarkably intact. The bumper will need replaced, but it looks like that is all.

That is why I will never, despite rising gas prices and "political correctness", ever, buy an economy (piece of crap) car. I can always make more money. Life and health, however, are irreplacable.

There are those who feel everyone else should be forced to put gas milage over safety, since that is the choice they made. Well, this is America, they do have the right to make that choice - BUT NOT FOR ME.

So next time you see someone driving an SUV, consider that rather than buying a vehicle to boost their ego, maybe they just want to live thru the unexpected bumps in life.

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