Thursday, September 15, 2005

Big weekend

So on Saturday, I have to deliver two bunns to a show in Hamburg, NY, then be back in time to present a seminar at a sportsmen's dinner. Then on Sunday, I have another rabbit show where I am showing 3 bunns and meeting someone in order to hopefully sell 3 woolers.

I am meeting some people at Convention to discuss two upcoming articles I am working on. So I'm not just teasing, I will have some interesting stuff coming up! There is a new theory as to how rufus works, and it makes a lot of sense. My otter program is going to take a slight change in direction as a result. I am excited, and am in the process of doing some weeding out of shorthairs. After Winky has this next litter, no more shorthairs until the next infusion of color, and then you might be pleasantly surprised st the direction I take - or not.

Baby update - the little otter buck had some ups & downs, finally got Winky mothering him properly and he was fat and sassy, when Winky squashed him somehow in the nestbox. Don't ask me how. I was ready to wring her little neck! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

Anyway, Winky is back in with Vinnie, and I'm sure she'll do better next time. She'd better! I told her if she didn't, she'd be dinner. And I wasn't kidding.

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claudia at countrywool said...

She will probably get it this time :)
Good luck!