Friday, September 30, 2005

Close call

I was driving toward home tonight, planning on stopping off at a local watering hole to meet my boss and some coworkers for a cold one and a local delicacy, deep-fried hotdogs. A guy in front of me stopped to make a left-hand turn. So did I. Unfortunately, the guy behind me did not.

A full-size Ford van, one of the big business-type panel trucks, slammed into the rear of my new Explorer.

I was shook up but unhurt, and the Explorer was remarkably intact. The bumper will need replaced, but it looks like that is all.

That is why I will never, despite rising gas prices and "political correctness", ever, buy an economy (piece of crap) car. I can always make more money. Life and health, however, are irreplacable.

There are those who feel everyone else should be forced to put gas milage over safety, since that is the choice they made. Well, this is America, they do have the right to make that choice - BUT NOT FOR ME.

So next time you see someone driving an SUV, consider that rather than buying a vehicle to boost their ego, maybe they just want to live thru the unexpected bumps in life.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Too much to do, too little time...

I plan to cut my bunny population down to 8 rabbits. What with the new car payment and gas prices going up, I have had to work overtime every chance I get. I can't keep up with everything! And there have been other issues as well.

So far this weekend I have shorn a couple of bunns and gotten 3 others ready for show. But that should have been done a week ago. I also got some fiber blended for the Dingo sweater. I wanted to get more fiber dyed, but just never got to it. The Moorit fleece that I got from Claudia is just lovely, it is naturally very close in color to Dingo's fiber, I may not dye it after all. Instead, since I have a couple of white bunns in need of shearing, I may just dye their wool and add it to the blend.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Big weekend

So on Saturday, I have to deliver two bunns to a show in Hamburg, NY, then be back in time to present a seminar at a sportsmen's dinner. Then on Sunday, I have another rabbit show where I am showing 3 bunns and meeting someone in order to hopefully sell 3 woolers.

I am meeting some people at Convention to discuss two upcoming articles I am working on. So I'm not just teasing, I will have some interesting stuff coming up! There is a new theory as to how rufus works, and it makes a lot of sense. My otter program is going to take a slight change in direction as a result. I am excited, and am in the process of doing some weeding out of shorthairs. After Winky has this next litter, no more shorthairs until the next infusion of color, and then you might be pleasantly surprised st the direction I take - or not.

Baby update - the little otter buck had some ups & downs, finally got Winky mothering him properly and he was fat and sassy, when Winky squashed him somehow in the nestbox. Don't ask me how. I was ready to wring her little neck! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

Anyway, Winky is back in with Vinnie, and I'm sure she'll do better next time. She'd better! I told her if she didn't, she'd be dinner. And I wasn't kidding.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What a weekend!

I got called away for a minor family emergency yesterday. When I got back, Winky, my F2 blue otter doe, had given birth - everywhere! (First litter.) 7 babies, one survived. I debated what to do with him (if indeed it is a him I sure hope so!), and decided to let Nature take its course and rebuilt the nest and put him in it. I fully expected him to be dead this morning. He was cold, but not dead. So I warmed him up (again) and held Winky while he ate. He's been fine all day, I had Winky feed him again and brought him in for the night.

I have had very bad luck with my otter bucks, they have accidents. I'm hoping this 3rd time is the charm and my streak of bad luck is over. He looks to be a blue or black otter, I don't know yet if he will be an angora. Winky is the result of breeding 2 F1s together, there is a 25% chance she doesn't carry angora. Even if she does, there is no guarantee this little guy is one, even tho' his dad is, because Mom is shorthaired, it's 50 -50 even if she does carry angora. She has such great color and she's double wideband, so I thought it worth the risk to keep her and breed her. Vinnie is the proud Papa.

If the little guy makes it, he most likely will sire some litters for me, even if he isn't an angora. I know he at least carries it, as well as dilute and chocolate.

Tomorrow I hope to get some pictures of the bunns I have for sale up on the web page. I also need to groom 5 bunns for show and tattoo them, plus more work on the NARBC newsletter.

Meanwhile, the chocolate shetland does not blend well with the mahogany angora for the Dingo sweater. The mahogany makes the gray in the shetland look blue. Yuck! Actually, if I were not trying to duplicate the color of my dog, it would be very pretty. The mahogany blends well with the Dingo fuzz and the tort angora, so the chocolate/gray shetland has to go.

So I'm looking for soft, fine brown wool without any gray. If you have some, I want it, please contact me. I don't care if it is in the grease or not.