Saturday, August 20, 2005

Busy busy busy...

I got a lot accomplished in the past week. The white bunnies are moved into the bunny room, now that they are out of the weather (good thing, we got pounded today) I can get them ready for some shows this season. I had hoped to be at the Michigan Fiber Festival today, but it turns out I needed to get health certs for the bunns, and there was no way that was happening, my vet is very expensive.

So my plans are for September: Hamburg, NY on the 17th, Washington, PA on the 18th, then October: Marietta, OH on the 1st, Lebanon, PA on the 8th, and then Convention the week of the 23rd.

Meanwhile, I dyed a pound of Dumpling's wool today in anticipation of using it in the Dingo sweater. This is the first time I've dyed anything other than Easter eggs, so it was an adventure. So far, I have 1/2 pound of Dingo hair, 1/4 pound of tort angora, 1 pound of mahogany dyed angora, and 1 pound of chocolate-gray shetland wool. Dingo has dark chocolate tips to his fur, making him a dutch cocoa color on the surface, and buff underneath. So I plan to do a 2-ply yarn, one ply of the shetland and mahogany angora blended, and one ply of Dingo, tort angora and... ?
I need more material for the buff ply. I have at my disposal 1/2 pound of tussah silk, and/or I can use yearling mohair, or some lincoln/merino cross, or border leicester. I'm leaning toward the yearling mohair, for the softness factor. I can even brush it for fuzziness. Any thoughts?


claudia at countrywool said...

Hmm. I think I would lean to the merino to soften things even more. The mohair may out halo your angora. Although doggie may do that, too. More wool in the mix means a better memory when knit and worn.

Jan said...

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for the advice, I did wash the Lincoln/Merino wool yesterday, a bit more silver-looking when clean, not quite what I wanted, although it might not be bad at all when blended - I'll have to try it tonight.

I also forgot I have some Blue-Faced Leicester I could use - I think I like the color better, but I'll have to wash it first. Amazing how much difference there is in color when the wool is clean!