Saturday, July 09, 2005

Special Project



plus this

Chocolate Shetland Wool

plus this


will someday equal this (or something close to it.)


Dingo has been with me through thick & thin for 11 years now. He is really my son's dog, but he sheds too much and DS doesn't want to have to clean up after him constantly. So I am brushing him regularly and stuffing the wool into a bag, to be blended with the shetland wool pictured above and angora from Vinnie. I will probably also dye Dumpling's next shearing a nice mahogany color (which I found an excellent source for at Claudia's) and add that to the mix, as I want a fuzzy sweater from a fuzzy dog. DS thinks the idea is pretty funny, but he will have a piece of Dingo (that doesn't shed!!!) for the rest of his life when I am finished. I might do one for my daughter and myself as well, depending on how much time I have this winter and how much fuzz Dingo can contribute.


claudia at countrywool said...

Can you hear me clapping? Good luck and I look forward to watching the sweater's progress :)

Jan said...

So that's what I heard... ;)