Monday, July 25, 2005

German vs Giant?

OK, I'm editing this post because an apology is in order. Two wrongs do not make a right. So Chris, I apologize for blasting you.

What this is all about:

Chris, someone I consider a friend, publicly called another friend of mine, Terri, a liar. Why? Because Terri has some beautiful rabbits, whom she shows as Giants, and calls them Giants on her web page. They also happen to be 100% German, and from some darned good bloodlines. One of them happens to be bred by none other than ME. A rabbit Chris bred is the sire of one of the rabbits, and Chris feels Terri therefore is calling her a Giant breeder.

I cannot comment further without getting angry again. This matter could have and should have been handled privately, I do not understand why it was not. Chris is someone I respect and look up to and I am very upset about this whole situation.

However, as I indicated below, public tongue-lashings are wrong, and I was wrong to have jumped on Chris as I did. I did exactly what I accused her of doing, and I'm ashamed of myself and sorry for doing that. So Chris, I hope you can forgive me.

And I hope you straighten things out with Terri in a manner that is mutually satisfactory.


Terri said...

Hi Janet!
Thank you for explaining the real situation for me on your blog. I am still unaware of the real problem since Chris did not contact me about it, someone else did. They also didn't explain the problem very well. I changed my website and apoligized for the info and I let my thoughts on the matter be made known. I also didn't intend to inform others that Chris is a Giant breeder. Chris is a die hard German breeder. More power to her but my poor "Germans" will never make the requirements to be registered. I aim to raise show quality registerable animals. They all meet the Giant standard therefore they are Giants. All Giants have German backgrounds and now with the imports, more so. Everybody is trying to improve what they have. If they weren't they wouldn't have gotten new blood. Louise Walsh's input on the subject is she used the bigger short-haired breeds to put better shoulders and rumps on the then German angoras she had. Also to up the weight. That's how the Giant was started. You cross French into the Germans and call them German crosses, why can't you call them French crosses? Sorry I got so longwinded but I still don't understand why we have to be so opinionated. I also read in the last IAGARB newsletter or on the group, I forget which, that Giant angoras were welcome to try to meet the IAGARB registration requirements. So if they pass, that means they are a German angora? But it's taboo to go the other way around? I'll leave this post at that.

Jan said...

Good point about Giants now being eligible for registration with IAGARB. Like Germany, we now allow any angora that meets the Standard to be registered. But some people, I believe Chris included, have a problem with that. Whatever. They can do their thing, and they have every right to, and we will do ours, which we have every right to.

Terri said...

Yeah! I agree with you. I did get the IAGARB registry wrong though. Giants are accepted only as German hybrids not pure Germans. Even though the definition of a German angora is any angora that can trace it's ancestry back to Germany.

Elaine said...

I would add one correction if you please. German angoras are not registerable as Giants through ARBA. To change the breed on the pedigree would be considered forgery according to the powers that be. They can, however, show in the Giant class and recieve winnings. They just may not be registered or Granded. Breeding them into Giant lines would allow you registerable Giants when the German is off the pedigree just like any other cross bred rabbits.

Jan said...

Elaine, the statement was that Giants can be registered as Germans if they meet the IAGARB standard. Nobody said Germans could be registered as Giants, just that in our opinion, they should be able to be.

Terri wants to breed registerable rabbits, but hers do not meet the IAGARB standards for wool production. They do, however, meet ARBA's Standard for Giants. So she has chosen to work toward that Standard in her breeding.

I do not want to start a debate at this point because I am preparing a couple of articles and am doing extensive research from a number of sources, including my old ARBA books. I first joined ARBA back in 1972, but have been away for awhile, I am new to Angoras, but not to rabbits, cavies, and showing in general. I'm also getting input from people with personal experience - people who have been breeding rabbits longer than I've been around. I am hoping their historical perspectives will make some points clear that so far seem to be news to many.

'Nuff said for now. :)

Terri said...

Yes Elaine you are right. I am learning alot of info from another Giant breeder. I also have formed my own opinions of German angoras. Not that I don't like them but Giants are still German hybrids, ARBA just has the final say over the matter and what they say goes.