Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Finally got all the bunns shorn. One thing I enjoy about shearing the younger bunns is evaluating the quality and quantity of wool. I was very pleasantly surprised with a young black otter doe yesterday. I probably shouldn't have been, BGG is her sire and he has great genes to pass on. Her solid black sister is just as nice, with the same deep charcoal color down to the roots. This sister has a nice white spot in the middle of her forehead, however, so she will go to a wooler home. Also going to another home will be the marten doe from the same litter.

The black otter doe will be bred to a solid blue buck who is also from the otter program. I have no otter bucks, I let my two F1 bucks go and I lost my gorgeous F2 buck. The solid blue buck is his full brother, so he should pass on some nice color. My blue otter doe, sister to the bucks, will most likely be bred to Vinnie in a month or so. Vinnie has a litter with some otters in it whose color looks very promising, but it is hard to tell right now, they don't even have their eyes open yet.

I think I've finally figured out how to slow down time - breed rabbits! ;)

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claudia at countrywool said...

Great report. Rememebr...otter babies thast you need to pass on can always come here!