Tuesday, July 12, 2005


This is Goldie, my new Exploder. I finally traded in my old Exploder after 214,000 miles. When ball joints start wearing out within a year of getting new ones, and what with the prices wars going on between the manufacturers, I decided it was time to trade my beloved Exploder in.

But I now have the benefits of a radio that works (soon to have Sirius installed!), air conditioning that works, and a nice information panel that tells me (among other things) how many miles are left on my tank of gas and what my average mpg is. Not to mention a CD player, and a host of other cool things I'd learned to do without.

And DH finally got the central air in the house fixed. Woo hooo! I don't know how to act!

The indoor bunnies are greatfully drinking the cool, dry atmosphere in, and now I only need to ice down the outdoor bunnies. The bunny room is not yet complete, it will be someday, but progress is being made.

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claudia at countrywool said...

I am an Explorer lover, too! My 1999 has 72,000 miles on it, so I will have it for another 5 years AT LEAST.

Enjoy the AC :)