Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lost a couple little ones...

I came home last night and DH said he'd found a dead baby.
This was one of my German/Giant crosses, around 7 weeks old,
and pretty much promised to someone. Well, I went out and
another had died. Diahrrea. DH had put the other in a bag in the
freezer, I got it out and looked, same thing. Well, at least it isn't
VHD! I haven't changed feed, and the bag I'm using now is from
the same lot as last week's bag, and I go through about a bag a week,
so it isn't old or moldy or anything. I've only every lost one other
baby in 3 years like this, it was at 3 weeks and I'm sure it was
entiritis . So I removed all the hay from the cage, no noxious weeds
or anything. No other rabbits were effected, and the other 3 babies
look fine this morning, as does Mom.

The only thing I can think of is the day before when I had changed
their water bottle out I used the half-frozen bottle DH had put in
the cage with them for cooling. This is something I normally do.
Then I put another frozen 2 liter bottle in the cage with them. I'm
wondering if the bottle I used for water had been thawed and re-
frozen. Bacteria could have gotten a foothold that way.

So... I'm not doing that anymore. They'll only get fresh water in
their bottles from now on, and as the ice bottles thaw I am dumping
them out and refilling and re-freezing them.

At least my favorite little buck wasn't one of them. It is amazing how quickly diahrrea kills these little guys. All 5 were lively and hungry that morning when I fed them. DH found the first one around noon. At any rate, nobody will be going anywhere for a few weeks while I make sure everything is under control here and it is nothing contagious.

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