Friday, June 17, 2005

Good news... sort of...

Well, we ruled out coccidiosis as the cause of the 2 babies' deaths. Enteritis is felt to be the cause, but is one of those conclusions that is arrived at by process of elimination, there is no test for it. Meanwhile, the remaining 3 are hale and hearty, and really enjoying the break in the weather that we've been blessed with, as am I. I've been devoting myself to painting and rug-scrubbing before it heats up again! I also have 4 bunns due for shearing.

I've been knitting a baby blanket for my new neice, Victoria, out of the Creamsicle yarn. My brother and his wife adopted her after years of waiting. I don't have enough to make it the size I'd like, so I am considering crocheting a white, pure angora border around it. I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm done!

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