Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It came today...

... Alden Amos' Big Book of Handspinning. Funny, Alden's pic on the back doesn't look anything like I imagined. I had envisioned a slim, rather scholarly, kind of bookish guy, not a cross between a grizzly and a teddy bear! LOL!

So I'm learning a whole lot of technical terms for what I've been doing so far. Good to know! Eventually I will buy a traditional wheel, and from reviewing the table of contents, I think once I hit those chapters I'll be going to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival much better prepared to be trying out wheels. My DH has his heart set on a Kromski Polanaise my internet buddy Chris from Woolybuns has for sale. He just loves the way it looks, as do I. It would look great in our livingroom, although I'd really like one better for traveling. Can't do both right now - we have some serious remodeling to do to the house, so the budget just won't do it.

Decisions, decisions!

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