Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Brat's Babies at 3 weeks

Well, here are two of them, anyway. The other three, feeling apparently a bit camera-shy, are hiding behind Mom:

Brat is showing excellent condition, I think she's actually filled out a bit, good constitution for a nursing Mom! I like to give my does a month off after weaning a litter, in the meantime I am considering whom I will breed her to next. I am considering her full brother, but I'm not crazy about that idea. However, I would like to breed her to a relative of her sire, Wiley's Zeigenbock, out of S├╝mmchen by Heinks. Since "Billy" only sired one litter while he was alive, my choices are extremely limited. Since I have a couple of months yet to find the right sire, I will continue trying to locate such a buck, and buy him or at least borrow his services. A brother or half-brother of Billy would be ideal.

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