Saturday, May 28, 2005

Baby update

Dumpling and her babies continue to frustrate me. She wasn't feeding them enough, and when my DH pointed out a rat - yes, a RAT! - hanging out around the cages I thought perhaps Dumpling was scared and that was why she wasn't feeding them. Poor scrawny little things! So I brought them inside the house and placed the nest in a larger pet carrier and put it inside the cage with her. Viola! Full tummies for 2 days straight! Then suddenly scrawny again. I took her out and held her while they nursed this morning. They went frantically from teat to teat, apparently not getting much. The teats did not have pink tips like they do when they've been nursed on. So I put them back in the nest and got Dumpling some fresh timothy and dandelions from the yard and left her munching while I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival in Wooster, OH. When I came back, I checked the 2 babies and their tummies did seem fuller, so I got more greens for Dumpling and left them be.

I'm going to breed her back on Wednesday, I sure hope the second litter goes better than this one!

Meanwhile, at the fiber fest I bought a set of Denise interchangeable knitting needles, an extension for them, and 8 oz of tussah silk fiber. Now, to get that other yarn plied so I can start on a new batch!

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