Sunday, May 22, 2005

Baby update

Dumpling's babies seem to be doing OK. I found wool wrapped around one today, I quickly cut the wool off and, since the baby looked like it needed a drink, convinced Brat to nurse it for a few minutes. She was happy to oblige. Dumpling's belly only has one teat that appears to be nursed on. Odd. Which I why I got Brat involved, as she seems to have loads of milk supply. Later I took another look at the two bunnies, both seem fat and happy at the moment:

Dumpling babies

Meanwhile, Brat and her babies are doing just great:


There always seems to be at least one camera-shy baby, LOL!

DH and I spent a restful, if unsuccessful, weekend at camp hoping to bag a spring gobbler. We got 12 Leyland Cypress trees planted, burned a bunch of cardboard boxes and old feed bags that have accumulated around here, fed the fish in the pond, and I spun some of the angora mixed fiber that I got from Terry Kunst. I decided to spin two different colors and ply them together. I'll post a picture when I've plied them. I'm happy that I got this bunch spun finer than I've managed before. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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ragtimelil said...

Yikes! I just lost a whole litter by the babies getting tangled in fur. It was so sad. I've NEVER had that happen before. Someone suggested that the nest was too big. Anyway, the same doe is due any minute and I've got her in a smaller cage and smaller nest box. We'll see. It was her first litter. Glad you found yours before it was too late. Gorgeous babies. I have bunny fever and no bunnies yet!!!!!