Monday, April 25, 2005


Last night I started on a bag of angora I had carded. For the last couple of years, I have just stashed the wool in bags and left it sit. I tried spinning it just as it was, and boy, was it ugly! So I tried out my new hand carders and viola! I started spinning last night and could not stop until I'd spun all of it, then I carded some more. :) Then I grabbed a couple more bags and carded them. I spun up an entire spool, and will do another tonight. Even DH said how good it looks! Still a bit chunky, but much finer and more consistent than my previous efforts. Some people card angora, some don't. Eventually I probably won't, either, but for now it works. I also want to buy some cashmere and silk fiber to blend with angora. I have expensive tastes, LOL!

getting better


ragtimelil said...

LOL! Looks like some spinning I've done in the past. I find Angora takes a while to get the hang of. I'm torn with the card/no card issue too. If it's plucked, it spins like a dream, but now that I have Germans and Giants (and don't want to do that to my rabbits any more) I clip. If I don't card, I get the blunt edges sticking out.

Jan said...

Hi Lil!There is a technique that Chris from Woolybuns described to me of "spinning from the fold" that I tried - basically folding the lock over your finger and drafting from there - it doesn't work for me (yet). So for now, I'll card. It is time consuming and a little messy, but oh well, the fiber does spin like a dream! :D

Terri said...

Hey Janet!
Glad you got the hang of those handcards! I thought bigger is better when I bought them and they do a good job but i now got a drum carder and it cards angora into roving which I love to spin from! Your yarn looks great! I like to blend mine with alpaca!!

ps. Scooter says "hi"

Jan said...

Hi Terri!

Yep, I've definitely gotten the hang of the carders! Thank you, they certainly make a difference! Tell Scooter I love him! :D

(Just FYI for the rest - Scooter is Brat's brother.)

ragtimelil said...

I do spin from the fold, but still get blunt edges. I generally card it now, unless I'm spinning stuff I've combed out.