Saturday, April 23, 2005

New stuff!

Today a lightly used pair of hand-carders arrived at my doorstep courtesy of my friend Terri Robertson of Living Water Farm. I can't wait to use them, I have a lot of angora that I just tossed in bags that needs sorted and carded into a more usable consistency.

Also, now that I have a logo for my rabbitry, I need to design business cards and get some printed up. I'm going to print some up on the inkjet to get started, but want more professionally done so the ink doesn't run if they get wet. Accidents do happen!

Meanwhile, a doe I've been waiting to get babies from has built a beautiful nest and will deliver any day now, assuming she really is pregnant and isn't just faking it. Rabbits do have false pregnancies, and it would be just my luck that this is one of them, only time will tell. I've bred this doe so many times, I forgot to write it down last time. I do believe it as been a full month since she was bred, though, so it's looking good at this point. Keep your fingers crossed!

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