Sunday, February 10, 2019

Parallels between clubs

Once upon a time, there was a club for all German Angora rabbit breeders. The club was based upon the standard the German club, the ZDK, had for them. The club decided to edit the standard given by the ZDK, and removed the word 'commercial' from the body type description and also altered the definition for tattoo standards. They were hoping to prevent any rabbit not descended from rabbits imported/sold by two key members from getting registered.

It probably worked, as everyone I know who was affected by this ruling quit the club.

Recently. some interesting things have happened in the NARBC. A ballot changing the SOP  was sent out that did not refer to the original wording of the SOP. Since not all NARBC members are also members of the ARBA, and not all have a copy of the SOP, it would be easy to miss that the proposed new wording excluded the word "coarse" from the general color description of French Angoras.

CORRECTION: It is the color guide currently being revised, that not everyone has a copy of, my point that the ballot should include the original text still stands. I don't have the ballot in front of me, since I sent mine in, but there were a lot of items on it, and I believe discussion of said ballot went beyond the color guide, and did involve the SOP, but since I am no longer on Facebook I cannot reference those conversations.

Texture is THE defining characteristic of French Angoras. They are to be coarser than the other breeds. One person who disagrees, and is believed to be an author of the ballot, once told me that they consulted with one of the two above-mentioned German Angora breeders, so it makes sense they'd try the same tactics.

Notice I'm not mentioning any names. This is all just speculation, based upon facts which just happen to fit current events.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

I believe in God the Father Almighty

It's no secret that I am a Christian. As such, I am required to forgive those who sin against me. I do. I understand that snakes cannot help their nature.

However, for God's forgiveness, those who sin against me cannot count on just my forgiveness. They need to repent. Repentance requires acknowledgement of the sin, and sincere repentance, asking forgiveness, and actions to ensure that the sin is not repeated.

Think on that.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

I've got a lot of friends. Mostly because I've shared a lot of genetics. Even some (not all)  people who did not share my hope of colored Giant/German integration did  share my hope of colored giant wool popularity.

The biggest regret I have is of listening to Colleen Wagner. She is the one who discouraged me from sharing with the other SOP members, and said to only share with her and Emily. I was an idiot. I won't make that mistake again. And just for the record, Black Giant Angoras would have been accepted by now, In My Opinion, if it were not for Colleen Wagner. Had she provided the animals promised, whose parents I provided to her, this would have been a done deal. Just to make it clear, I blame myself. I should have known better. I'm so sorry to all those who counted on me.

It just breaks my heart, so badly. There are people out there who care so much about getting their name in a book, that they would hurt someone as badly as Colleen Wagner has hurt me. And you, too, Emily.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Just saying, a Black Giant Angora Jr Buck should be black, and should have furnishings. That is all.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Thought for the day...

... if you have to make things up and change your story in order to demean someone, it says more about you than it does about them. Have a nice day!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Status of Current Black Giant Angora COD

Hi All,

It is with great sorrow that I have to announce that I will not be presenting Black Giant Angoras at the Indy Convention after all. The following is the short version of why.

This COD has been plagued with bad luck and betrayal. We were all set to present when enteritis reared its ugly head and took out all our juniors but 3. We need 4, and not just any 4, but the best 4.

Of course, if the person I have loved as a dear friend and trusted as we bred cooperatively since 2006 hadn't decided to part ways and get her own COD, we'd have presentation animals. When I applied for this COD, I wanted my dear friend and co-breeder Colleen Wagner on the COD with me. She said she couldn't be because she had allowed her ARBA membership to lapse, and instead suggested we put her Mom, Fran Spangle on it instead. I did so, then found out Fran was not an NARBC member, and so she was removed from the COD. Then I lost the lease on the barn I was renting, and was confronted with an AR threat, so I asked Colleen if she could temporarily take my Black Giants, since they were too valuable to risk. She did so, and I never saw them again. She said they all died.

Mind you, I gave Colleen her start in Colored Giants. I have given her countless animals over the years, never charged her a penny. She has kept the best of those breedings, and every animal she has given me back, save one, has had DQs. They either did not make weight, or they had normal fur on their paws. I knew she was keeping the best, but it was OK, because she swore that those rabbits from our bloodline that we created together would be mine for presentation.

Until she changed her mind. So I am screwed. I cannot present.

Had I known this would be the outcome, I never would have given her one single rabbit, especially when I lost the barn. I would have instead given them to my partners on the COD. I didn't, because Colleen was closer, she was my breeding partner, and I thought I could trust her. Shame on me. There were enough signs, I should have known better.

I will not be attending Convention because I don't trust myself to be in the same room.

I hope Colleen gets exactly what she deserves. As she makes her presentation to the NARBC, bear in mind that if she hadn't been a turncoat, those rabbits would have been our presentation rabbits.

Have a nice Convention.

Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 NARBC Elections

So, my pick for NARBC President is Lynn Galbraith-Wilson. Lynn has been continuously active in the NARBC for as long as I can remember. She knows the C&BLs like the back of her hand. Most of all, she will get things done, and she'll get them done properly. Jack Bailey gets my vote for Treasurer because he's doing a great job and that is one position that needs continuity, IMO. For District 1 Director, I'm going with Emily Ashton because of her experience with running the UARC... and putting on fiber contests and Angora specialties. New blood would certainly be nice to see in the numerous committees the NARBC has, and serving the club in committees is a great way to get to know the members, the C&BLs, and proper procedures for getting things done. Once the new folks gain some experience thusly, I'd be happy to vote for them in the future. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Helping with the Black Giant Angora COD.

Well, turns out I'm headlining it, afterall.  ;)

So, here's what to do to support the Black Giant COD, if you currently have them: Write a letter to the ARBA Standards Committee, stating that you are currently breeding Black Giant Angoras according to the Standard put forth by me - Janet (Gruber) Deifel. Send that letter to me:
Janet Deifel
P.O. Box 582
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Thank you!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Convention

This post has been a long time in coming. As many of you know, I held the COD for Black Giant Angoras, and like my predecessors, had a certain amount of bad luck. I did present this year, my second attempt at my first presentation, but failed due to one of my senior does going off feed and subsequently not making weight. The ARBA Standards Committee also had a couple of other concerns, but over all gave very encouraging remarks, said I was off to a very good start, to my pleasant surprise. Also, Louise Walsh, the creator of the Giant Angora breed, came all the way down from Massachusetts, after being at Rhinebeck, to be with me for my presentation!!!!

 We will be applying for a new COD, and I will be on it, but not headlining it. This will give me the opportunity to keep working on the Black Giants, but not have to dedicate so much space to them, and be able to keep and show some REWs and, of course, my Satin Angoras. I'm developing a Pointed White SA line which I'm quite proud of, and which will be hopefully making its debut on the show table in the Spring. Meanwhile, the little REW Giant buck I sold to Joyce Holliday won his class, and my non-presentation Black Giants did well, and I have some Convention blue ribbons to be proud of. I have to say, this was one of the best ARBA Conventions ever, the only (very small) complaint I have is it could have been cooler in the main showroom. That's it. The show was well-run, well supplied, and a joy to attend.  :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

The so-called 'humane' diet (vegan)

I've seen a lot of articles, posts, and responses all over the internet regarding veganism and how 'humane' it is. Because veganism does not kill, harm, or exploit animals (so they say), it is the 'humane' way of life.

Really? Then why aren't more farmers vegan?

Simply put, because most farmers understand Nature far better than most vegans do. Every time a field is plowed, the farmer is destroying wild rabbit nests and babies, wild bird nests and eggs or babies, wild mouse nests and babies, killing worms and other invertebrates, bugs, insects, and the list goes on...

Those animals killed are food for other animals, like fox , fishers, coyotes, etc. Every acre plowed for your food is depriving another species of its food. Food that is often consumed while it is still alive.

Ever think of that as you munched on your watercress, brown rice and tofu? Where exactly do you think that stuff comes from, anyway?

Fact is, there is no such thing as a 'humane' diet. Every animal on the planet deprives another animal of its life or its food. That is the natural order of things. If you want to follow a truly humane diet, starve yourself to death. It may cause your family and friends untold agony, but hey, some titmouse out there somewhere will thank you for it. Oh, wait - no they won't. Because they don't know or care.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

My response to Amy

Definitely vote for Julie and Lauren if this kind of backstabbing is what you want in your club officers. I will not discuss what went on in the BOD, because it is supposed to be a private list, and while I feel sometimes there are reasons for sharing its discussions, my fellow officers disagree, and I will honor their feelings.

As for the UARC being a carbon-copy of the NARBC, I have no idea what Amy is talking about.

That's it, folks. I do think the first comment on Amy's post says everything that needs to be said. It's been an honor to serve you, and I hope you keep Lisa Rodenfels, Tina Vance, and Charlotte Schweikart in office, They have served the club and honorably, and would like to continue to do so. I'd also like you to vote for Jenna Leonard as President, as she will continue to keep our club running smoothly.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Since I can't post to Facebook...

Yes, Facebook has disabled my account for no apparent reason, and is mum about why they did it, they don't even acknowledge my existence, and I've been rather creative in contacting them. So, now begins a re-post here of the latest shares I made on my wall, to see if I can figure out just what it was that got me the ax. So, if this blog suddenly disappears, you know why. ;)

 Oh and, please feel free to share my blog posts on Facebook. ;)

 Anyway, one of the last posts I shared was regarding Monsanto and the things they are doing to eliminate the competition, apparently with the full blessing and cooperation of the US .gov. It's a long video, but well worth watching and sharing:


Sunday, May 06, 2012


Since I can't post this on the MeatRabbit Yahoo group, I'm posting it here: You know, Tara, I think we all 'get' that you have a problem with Mary and SRPS, which previously you claimed not to know much about. What I don't get is where you came up with this bunch of incomprehensible stuff that Mary supposedly said. You see, being the secretary of SRPS, I do know quite a bit about it, and about what Mary says, and these are deliberate misrepresentations of topics she has written about. This type of confrontational stuff is why you are no longer welcome on the SRPS list. Besides being inflammatory, it is not factual.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Politics of Rabbits Pt 4

After the events of the last ARBA Convention in Indianapolis, I've been thinking very long and hard about how I was going to address what happened there. Specifically, regarding the Standards Committee and the Broken English and Broken Satin Angora presentations, although I do know the Jersey Wooly and Lionhead breeders have similar issues.

Basically, our presentations, which had been gone over by experienced breeders and some notable ARBA judges, got disqualified for truly ridiculous reasons.

The Broken English Angoras went up first. The Standards Committee, showing a true lack of knowledge of - the SOP (you know, that document they're supposed to be the ultimate authoirity on?) - tried to DQ the Broken English because one pedigree had a Chocolate Tort coming out of two Fawns. Well, in Angoras, this is entirely possible. Fawn is not a dilute color in Angoras. But not in Netherland Dwarfs, so the Standards Committee tried to say the the SOP for Angoras was wrong, and therefore the DQ.

So, let me clarify that a bit for you. The Standards Committee said that IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THE ANIMALS MET THE CURRENT SOP, they were DQ'd because the current Standards Committee did not agree with the ESTABLISHED SOP for Angora Colors. Essentially, they tried to impose another breed's color definition upon us. They made no mention of any other reason, we have lots of witnesses.

I took it upon myself to go to the ARBA General Meeting, and waited patiently until the meeting was opened to questions from the floor. I raised my hand, introduced myself, and asked if the Standards Committee had the authority to impose one breed's color standards upon another breed. I was assured that this was certainly not allowed. Well, I responded, they just did, and I gave the details. I was assured that it would be looked into.

When the presenter of the Broken English went back to dispute the ruling, the color issue wasn't even mentioned. Instead, a brand-new, never before-mentioned DQ, that of the junior doe being cow-hocked, was raised. The presenter grabbed said doe and demonstrated that she was not cow-hocked, just a bit pinched, but the Standards Committee denied her appeal and that was that.

Does that seem right to you?

On to the Broken Satins. The Standards Committee went from trying to find a genetic impossibility to trying to create one. They said that a Broken Tort was really a Broken Copper. Now, said Broken Tort was out of another Broken Tort and a Broken Black. Those of us who know genetics know that that isn't possible. In fact, the rabbit in question had no eye rings and no ear lacing. The rabbit did have what could be called rings when its wool was blown into, but they were not true rings, the experienced eye could see that the young rabbit simply had a new coat growing in behind the old one. This is typical of breeds that are pluck-able, especially among young angoras, pluck-able or not.

Another NARBC member kindly consented to having her true Copper rabbit presented to the Standards Committee to show them what a real Copper looks like, but when the presenter of the Broken Satin Angoras went back to appeal, she was denied, in spite of showing them in the SOP that the rabbit did in fact meet the Tort color definition. The excuse was that this particular rabbit didn't look like her other Torts - well, of course not, they were older and their coats looked different! We never got the chance to bring the copper doe up.

So, not only do presentation rabbits have to be good to excellent representatives of their breed, now they also have to be identical as well. No difference between juniors and seniors, apparently.

Does that seem right to you?

I won't go into who these warped ideas come from. Everyone who was there and saw what went on, and saw just who could waltz in and out like they owned the place, despite not actually being on the Standards Committee, knows of whom I speak.

I think it's time the members of ARBA took back their club. It is OUR club, it does not belong to an elite few, and abuses of power cannot be tolerated. We need to either clean house, or better yet, exercise our veto power. What veto power?

Well, we can create it:



Section 1. Any alteration of, or amendment to, the Constitution to be offered at any annual or special meeting of this Association shall be made by Resolution, in writing, signed by one hundred (100) or more members of this Association in good standing. The Resolution must be received by the ARBA Executive Director not later than 1 May, so that the signatures can be verified. Once verified by the ARBA Executive Director, a copy of the resolution must be forwarded to the ARBA Resolutions Committee no later than 10 May of the year, if it is to be
presented at the annual meeting. All resolutions are to be confined to one subject. All resolutions shall be published in the ARBA Bulletin at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the annual or special meeting at which they are to be considered, in order that members may have the opportunity to form an intelligent opinion on their
merits. The Constitution may then be amended by an affirmative two-thirds vote of all members casting votes at a regular or special meeting of the Association for a Resolution, provided that the notice of the purpose of any special meeting has been stated in the call for such special meeting.

Section 2. Any proposed change in, or amendment to, the Constitution may be submitted to the members of the Association at any time by mail ballot, to be voted upon, and the ballots counted, in the same manner as is provided for balloting for the election of officers. An affirmative two-thirds majority of the ballots cast shall be
required for passage of any proposed change or alteration.

Section 3. A Resolution adopted at an annual or special meeting of the Association shall take effect on January 1st following such annual or special meeting. Any change or alteration voted by mail ballot shall take effect sixty (60) days after the date of certification by the Election Committee.

So, we can pass a Resolution giving the membership veto power over the decisions of the Standards Committee.